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About Me

Hey! My name is Maya and I’m Designer. From a young age I live and breathe the world of design and art. Because of my artistic background, it is very important for me to keep moving Creative and unique end product. I’ll be happy to accompany you all the way with patience and a smile.

I started Design in my childhood and never stopped doing it. I love world’s aesthetic art and deisgn as they inspire and teach me everytime I design the next project. 

I find my inspiration in diving into modern art, picture, architecture and communication with other designers. My Design work are full of deep thinking and strong character.

Today I’m a business administration student. I hope, it will take me to the next challenge. Except designing I also participate in many projects, meet with other designer, share my experience and always happy to advise others.

"The world is a canvas for your imagination"

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